Italian Physicist Fired By CERN after Offending Female Physicists|#EverydayPatriarchy

Should science be a meritocracy? Here are 3 facts.

  1. Professor Alessandro Strumia, stated that Physics was invented by men in a presentation he gave at a “workshop on gender issues in high energy physics.
  2. Some females at the CERN gender conference were offended by this and the other content in the presentation.
  3. He has since been fired due to his ‘highly offensive‘ presentation.

I read an article about this in the following video. More links below.

Offense is no Defense.


Other Links

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 15.42.44.png

Whats the difference between a meritocracy and a pure meritocracy? adding adjectives in this way is often used so one can pick some fractional issue and claim it refutes what you want to communicate. You can consider a meritocracy to be preferential and strive to it but still never achieve it.



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