A Conflict of Visions by Thomas Sowell | 10 Non-fiction Books

A friend recently posted this


Post the covers of 10 non-fiction books that impacted you profoundly and forever changed your life. No explanation necessary. Then nominate one person each day to do the same.

He nominated me on his first day and now i’ll record reviews of those 10 books and add more as they come to me. Hope you enjoy

Thomas Sowell not Barack Obama, is proof positive to me that a black man in the USA can be as valuable as any American and understand it’s culture as well as anyone.

Haven’t read a book of Sowell’s or listened to an interview or talk that I would not suggest you absorb but I consider this one to be the like what the Silmarillion is to Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings books. You can be enriched by the content in the other books without reading this but this book enriches the content in those books.

“Sowell calls one worldview the “constrained vision.” It sees human nature as flawed or fallen, seeking to make the best of the possibilities that exist within that constraint. The competing worldview, which Sowell terms the “unconstrained vision,” instead sees human nature as capable of continual improvement.”


A Conflict of Visions: Ideological Origins of Political Struggles

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