Blood of the Strange Fruit | Sound of Samples #9

In Did you Steal That Sunshine? I discussed how many songs are sampled and this isn’t in one specific genre. I have varied tasted and have seen that as this is art and art appropriates which is fitting as art is the language of life. Shall post different versions of songs in the Sound of Samples series. May include ones that I think failed to do justice to what came before but likely keep it positive.

Billie Holiday | Strange Fruit

Nina Simone | Strange Fruit

Such a haunting song. Just the lyrics alone without the instruments or voices of these songstresses is enough to move me.

Both versions have the same lyrics, but Simone brings a more expressive performance ad neither are official videos but they really call forth the imagery present in the Video with Simone’s performance.

Here is Kanye’s song that samples Simone. Can’t find the non concert audio online for some reason.




Which version of the first two do you prefer? Do you like how Kanye built on the sample or do you consider his lyrical content to be inappropriate for a song of this weight?

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