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In todays Links I Like  post, what may new category of things I do nto like but still want to share. Here is a video of a female hitting herself with a hammer. Why would she do that? Well to accuse someone of abuse.

This happens all to many times and should be stopped! Being a victim of false alligations myself, currently fighting a court battle for my daughter so this hits close to home!! A co-worker comes to work and showed me this. This is what happens when your girlfriend/wife/spouse gets pissed at you and decides she wants “YOU” to go to adult time out downtown! Taking the matters into her own hands. Thank goodness the man she accused of hitting her was able to get a copy of this and clear his name. But to make matters worse, there is someone laughing the whole time. This just shows what some are willing to do and how easy it is for them to get away with it. This stuff should be taken seriously and this nut job should be charged accordingly…Crazy Bi**h….
Feel free to share!
*We as a society need to get the word out that this happens all the time. As my X has gotten drunk and done similar. This makes a mockery of real victims and should not be tolerated! Share! Share! Share!

If this is real soem questions and observations:

  • Kids seem to be involved in this mess.
  • Quite something that this mentality also allows for laughing and recording this potentially incriminating evidence.
  • Really sad that people consider this relationship as a friendship. I doubt i have any friends that would think to do this let alone request I film it.
  • It isn’t bad to focus on how this affects real victims of abuse, but how about the direct victim of false accusations. how many of these false attacks are never reported to authorities but used to terrorize partners? How many are successful? How many repeat offenders are there? I imagine this is like any other assault, a small percent of people do it frequently rather than a large percent dong it once.





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