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Here are some things of interest I saw on the internets.

NFL Hates Mexicans

There are several reputable sources showing the state of that field. I suggest a simple search to see them before just defaulting to NFL bad, Want all the moneys for themselves and hate Mexicans and fans who already planned to go to game. Also forget the the NFL Players Association is involved in this.

Yeah the NFL may take some Ls as well having it in LA. Locals may just adjust to the game, but Chiefs fans may not as easily switch to travel and accommodation in LA. Was likely far cheaper for accommodation in Mexico city than in LA. Vendors, advertisers, Local Mexican fans.

Reducing the chance to appeal to a new audience. Reducing chances of being able to set up a team in London and Mexico. Reducing the chance to appeal to a large number of Mexican citizens and other latin americans in the USA during a tie of dropping viewership.

no bueno

Lulz at the savage jokes about all the Mexicans that can landscape already being in the USA.

Tik Tok is a Video Platform For The Youth?

Saw some article proposing 24 year olds be considered teenagers. I thought, is that really off? Sure they may need to change the term form teen…or maybe change the twenties to twenty-threeteen, twenty-fourteen, twenty-fiveteen (did you think it was going to be twenty-fifteen? Nay! this is some new level stuff, we are adjusting the twenties not repeating the teens! Did you not notice the Twenty-THREEteen?) 

It’s 2018 this year, and after next year the numbers will be relegated to the past, so may reduce the cross-purpose confusions. I have mentioned there are people alive today that will likely live to see their 300th birthday. I believe some age distinctions like being a baby or infant do have some very solid biological developmental parameters.Ability to speak or walk for example are things gained during infancy, however teen to me is more about the social functioning.

Biologically most members of our sexually dimorphic species can reproduce by mid teens, barring some sort of genetic issue that will likely se them infertile for life. Think of the social expectations teens had in previous eras. In fact just look at different cultures around the world and see what ‘kids’ do there. Then look at the people you see protesting int he streets, speaking of treeeggers online, making demands of what others must do on account of their feels. Then ask yourself, does this make more sense if they are still teens and not yet adults?

When average human length begins to extend, so will such terms like adulthood. There was 40 is the new 30 but now Twenteens are the new the Teens.

This goes along with the habit of having lil or baby in the names of celebrities and performers. Found out about Baby Ariel while on some searching journey that led me to this article about TikTok. An App for short 15 second clips that appeals to who? Smiled at some of them but look at the age ranges of the people creating content.

was trying to verify this meme when i stumbled upon TikTok

It’s popular to enough people though. Think about this, what sort of marketing would make you want to watch this material? But then you have people in the WNBA talking about marketing…nah ladies, peeps just don’t want to watch the WNBA. Should not digress though, here is someone with some Tik Tok Fame.

catchy enough but…

Another big โ€˜muserโ€™ is vlogger, singer, model Baby Ariel who Forbes and others named as a major social influencer. She has 29 million followers on TikTok.

TikTok: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

29 million followers.

Wonder how many are in their twenteens?

Actually how about we change years around from counting your own personal ones. May work best from people who are of this century. If you were born in 2018 your age will always be 18, 2019 forever 19, 2020 shall be 20 and so on. Let them do the math.

Now for people like me from 1983, can likely still say 83 until we get to 2083 then can add 19 to the 83 to be more specific.

Alexandria Occasio Cortez is my Spirit Congressmember

check it:

oh my!

DemSoc Bae cannot be contained! THIS IS SOOOOOOO good. Imagine how long this will go for. She’s already leading #GreenNewDeal protestors in Nancy Pelosi’s office. Can the Dems make her Speaker of the House of Representatives?! Please tell me you cant impeach Congressmembers? The Lulz!

I’ve been convinced she is a good thing from a few weeks after her winning the democratic party nomination. I’ve mentioned it in passing in some of my video rants, but it bares repeating. So here we go.

She is very visible proof that Congressfolk aren’t some sort of elite intellects. The argument that politicians are there because they know more general knowledge rather than human nature and some luck is settled by her win.

She doesn’t hide her socialist ideology, lays out plainly for all to see. She is an example that people can vote such inanity in, sometimes it’s enough to sway a whole country into socialist death, but due to the system in the USA the country can withstand this sort of miasma. Embrace your electoral college system, be glad for separation of powers and increase the decentralization of state functions. Let AlOcCo’s affect be as limited to the people that support AlOcCo as possible. America is literally so successful people can treat politics as the most glib grade school level popularity contests based on happenstances of birth, feels and pretty words and still not end up in destitution.

You privileged bastards!

Next, is she exposes media bias from how they’ll treat her as their darling. Check the line of questioning in the interview above. And this isn’t uncommon, She has recently shared clips, specifically from an interview by Jorge Ramos for Univision, of things that made me thing, how on earth did the producers of the show actually let this out then how did she see it and think it sharable. But then I remind myself, ‘Silly Silas, she’s a female, and Latina. It’s identity politics not intelectual integrity politics.’  Slogans over semantics.

Back to the interview AlOcCo not only states plainly that in 12 years they’ll be catastrophic issues due to climate changes, the interviewer just takes her at her word instead of asking for some examples of said catastrophe, gives the leading question about republicans having too much fossil fuel money. (oil is essentially fossilized solar energy but they dont care about reality here.)

So AlOcCo did handle that leading question well. I still think there is a good chance she is misguided. For sure I have never doubted she means well as much as I have no doubt that collectivist ideologies are utter cancer to human flourishing. Now imagine her having a come to Mises moment while being such a public figure?

Take what has happened others that transitioned such as  Candace Owens, and multiply that. An avowed democratic socialist finding Austrian School of economics and starting to quote Rothbard, Hayek, Menger and others. Starts sharing contemporary sources such podcasts from Tom Woods, or the new one by Bob Murphy’ new show!

Anyway, thats a possibility. If not there is still her incredibility and exposure of the intellectually corrupt and bereft nature of some politics, and the system of voting for representatives, but if not…

…there is the cringe

In Marketing Wins

Though I scoff at anyone claiming poor or insufficient marketing is a major reason for the WNBA not having been able to be profitable since its establishment 22 years ago, marketing does matter.

Imagine you had a product that served a need. It was then packaged in a fun and appealing way. Enough so that some people decided to do something with it that could kill them. Others begin to take this as a challenge and follow suit. Is this bad or good?

For Tide, they managed to turn theTide Pod challenge into a financial win, here is an article from the Pluralist: Tide Denies That New ‘Boxed Wine’ Detergent Is Plot to Kill Off Weak-Minded Millennials

if they die, they die…

Look WNBA, this can literally kill you if you drink it. There are articles warning people of how much it’ll damage them. It’s literally poisonous for you and there is already a #TideWineChallenge. It’s time to admit that your product is not something people want.  If it was good people would consume it.

No matter how delicious Tide pods look, there aren’t people eating them repeatedly just because they still look tasty after their first try.

An added inane excument (argument that is more of a weak excuse than anything of merit, ah its kind of like excrement!) is the ‘look at how the NBA was after 22 years?

Really? That’s what you’ll go with? Look how the NBA was in 1971? Thats what you want? The ability to go to game, the familiarity with the experience, the costs, the lack of entire swaths of fans ready for quality examples of your product.

The NBA was preceded by other professional leagues that also folded in part due to them not having comparative money to the millions the NBA has invested into the league. But nah lets nto focus on pre NBA. Beyond the money there are also the business relationships and good will the NBA has with arenas, vendors, advertisers that can give the WNBA some inroads and deals.


But with all this you still have to provide a quality product. 


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