The Inequality Between Talent & Knowledge | No Equal Limits

Displaying a high level of ability in one field does not mean that capability transfers to other fields. Often in order to excel at the things you see the person doing so needed to sacrifice time they could have spent to be proficient at others. In addition being capable of something does not mean someone is able to do it.

Simple example is you are likely capable of speaking any language besides the one you know. you have eyes, ears, vocal chords fingers, a brain and the other basics used in the action of communicating in any given language. But you are only able to speak the ones you have learned and practice.

Beware anyone who has any actual talent that preaches to you about human equality. It is dishonest. They may be trying to ingratiate themselves for less than honest purposes.

Picture someone you value in your personal life, can you name 2-3 things you are both capable of doing, that they are better than you at doing?
A: Yes, it’s why I cherish them so much.
B: No! I can’t think of 2-3 things I’m better than them at. I am essentially a parasite.
C: Yes, though I could do them better, they do them well enough for me to do things i Excell at.
D: No. I prefer to surround myself with people who are worse than me at everything.
E: __________________


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