Is Sex Work? | Defining Terms of Engagement

Sex sells is about as common a saying as prostitution is the worlds oldest profession. Though i’ve come far from using the latter as a truism let alone claiming the pro prefix in profession came from the word prostitute. 

I rightfully cringe admitting to having said that absurdity more than once. As for the former would depend on ones definition of prostitution but hunting and protection were probably quite early.

Manual labour was the first sort of labour and males and females have different demands they could better meet on the same market.

On to the point, int eh video below I ask if Sex-work is appropriate to substitute in economic questions. Want a universal basic income provided? Switch it with universal basic intercourse.

Want any business offering A,B,C service for X,Y,Z amount of money to serve any customer willing to exchange said money? Should a black escort be forced to attend a KKK gala with a paying client? 

Want all monopolies be made illegal or broken up? Should prostitutes be allowed to join together work in a brothel and charge double what they did working alone on the street-side?

Hope you enjoy the video and let me know what you think. Related links below.

click image and go read some of the comments.

Should I use sex workers as an example in economic discussions?
A: Yes, but an occupation that should be abolished mostly due to its immorality.
B: No. It is not a job but is strictly exploitation and should be ended.
C: Yes, It like all other jobs should be respected depending on how the people involved.D: Your mansplaining is further proof of your misogynist support of patriarchy.
E: ________________________


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