Vive la Révolution | Taxing Thot Fuel

The French are revolted over taxes on fuel and the Internet based Sex workers are revolted at the idea of being reported for not having paid taxes. 

Can Taxation on fuel and Thot Fuel actually change peoples minds?


Assuming you agree taxation is extortion, when did you realize this?
A: I’ve always known. Snek and I have never been stepped on!
B: Nice try, not answering this I know who you work for!
C: Taxation is the price we pay to live in a civilized society.
D: First time I got my paycheck.
E: _________________

could it help lead to this reality?

Here are some links of the events on going followed by a bunch of memes.

The supposed on going issues.
More memes below

So supporti it or not, there are two things I am glad about here. O three despite the memes.

The taxation issue is the main thing, but a close second 2a and 2b is the hypocrisy of these those that support tax funded policies and programs and a reminder of how specious claims of misogyny have become.

Being reported for not doing something you demand people willingly is not hate of your gender. Just as you using the features of your gender is not some sort of self oppressive objectification. You own your body, get that work, work, work, work, work!

In addition to this all  these sex workers you are in a field that is fantastic proof of how the potential to profit economically is actually dictated by demand and not simply some marketing ploys that want to trick you into making useless and wasteful purchases.

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