I Believe You Don’t Believe In Believing

Some thoughts about that slain missionary and the violence at the USA-Mexico border.

I have migrated across state borders more than most with my family  having moved to the 3rd continent I’d live on when I was 11.  I witnessed the beginnings of different national identities as a child in these countries, later realizing how much schools play a part in this process.

Like a growing minority of people I was raised religious, multi-denominational Christian, and left theology then religion for good some years back. As for my religious indoctrination, besides that happened at home it included Catholic schools, being baptized in an Anglican church and in my teens attending Presbyterian for Sunday school and more during Middle and most of High school.

States and theologies are social constructs. Two very important ones to many people. Whether I agree or not with the reasons anyone may find them important I shall not deny their very real effects on their behavior and mine when interacting with them, since I am not an island. 

I look at both cases and want to focus on something that must be at the heart of the matter. On one hand we have a man on a mission to bring salvation. On the other a caravan of mainly men, some women and a few children trying to get to a land of their supposed salvation. I see in the actions of all involved evidence of truly believing something. 

The Island

I cannot tell you how exactly John Allan Chau thought things would go as he approached North Sentinel Island a few days ago. I believe he did not believe that the isolated tribe there were noble savages incapable of harming another man. thinking this was god’s world and he would benefit the tribe by telling them the Good news. He died from his belief and many have mocked him or questioned why anyone should do this.

Why not? In his below system wouldn’t god’s creation encompass even this island that to the missionary. May have been one of the last places his light hadn’t reached yet?

Seeing the memes about border defense world champs can make one think. Borders on a literal physical island could be clearer to construct. Should it be the beach, how far they wade in to fish, or just how far they can shoot you from the beach?

I don’t believe any the god of the Christian Bible. If I did, I think I’d have to live like that guy did. What else would be more important? Fundamentalists have had my, respect isn’t quite the word I want to use, but I can’t really condemn them for actually living life closer to what they say they believe. Seems more honest.

So John could off course have kept all the ‘Good News’ to himself. Or take his evangelizing to some more hospitable folk. For sure were many other places where if he even hurt himself due to non mission passed reasons, someone would be able to come to his aide, rather than have a situation where the Indian government is struggling to even recover his body from these roving tribesfolk.

But no.

According to the bronze age tribesmen that wrote the founding mythos for this religion, this particular sky god did not only create all humans, every single tribe and race of them even the ones not known to the middle eastern area they lived in. This god created the universe, including the earth and ever single life form on it. From the most deadly virus to all the other homonids that hit evolutionary dead-end that us Homo Sapiens avoided.

If you truly believed that what you know could save someone’s life and all you have to do is tell them about it and you don’t, then you man not be a good person, at the very least you do not care about anyone you do not tell this truth to.

With that premise, why wouldn’t one believe that as an ardent believer in the god he would then have the blessed protection everywhere on that very same god’s mostly blue earth? Missionaries had been doing this since centuries ago with far less proof of god’s existence than we have today, in worse locations (well comparable to the island maybe, but reached there in worse means). Now look at the world, Crucifixes everywhere! Rejoice! It’s now time for one of the few tribes uncontacted by the good book to be welcomed into the flock.

That man in the back looks like he believes this photo is part of earning a living.

I’d recently posted on a social media platform a question asking how one would describe the concept of a state to someone from an isolated tribe. How in the what did john even think he was going to be able to communicate with these folk?

Literally shaking my head.

The Border

The caravan of migrants that had been making it’s way up through some Central America countries for months is finally at the USA border. Standing between them and their destination is not an imaginary line on a map, but some very real barricades, walls, fences, and well trained men and women of one of the countries that is the best as any we’e ever known about at training people to utilize means, including a wide spectrum of force, to man these sort of things.

Some claim this scene was as planned as any in a film like Disney’s “Frozen.”

What state of affairs would need to occur for you to take children to that situation? For my current self I would have to know everyone involved knew it was an act. Kids too. Would have to know their parent or guardians, have their explicit permission to carry out the scene. Have the kids agree to do it in front of these guardians. Plan and detail it ahead of time. Check the props that the other people will be using. Make sure there are medical and other people close by if anything goes wrong. There are likely more things but thats a good start.

I could not risk it that anyone was actually firing real weapons or gas. Yet here is the photographic evidence.

Now let’s say no actual nefarious behind the scenes person of directly paying these people for some global political agenda. Because even if they are not in on it and simply getting a paycheck, you sign me up for a movie and say it includes a scene like this and i’m earning above a certain amount…well it may make it a bit easier to rationalize them having to use realistic sounds of canisters and rubber bullets being fired while shooting vs adding them in post production.

I believe those were real border agents, migrants, children, rubber bullets, tear gas etc. How bad would where you are coming from need to be vs how good the potential place you get to be to either take your own children, or hire others which would involve someone renting out kids, and risk an illegal crossing into what is a now militarized border. 

this meme is more topical to this post than you may think.

I have the used example of home ownership in political discussions. In defense of the owners actions in ways such as if It’s my home I can set the rules of how people live in it. If it’s my home I can evict who I want from it. If it’s my home I can decide who enters it.

Basic property rights. Right to defense is indefensible by definition and Non Aggression Principle compliant.

It’s also quite handy to undermine certain peoples arguments. Specifically when it comes to defense of National borders. You wan’t free entry for everyone, then why does your home have walls or locks on the doors? 

I have read Murray Rothbards’s “Nations By Consent.” For sure the USA, or any other current state doesn’t match the standards of consent laid out in that paper. With the coercive force inherent in the state, I can’t accept it as the legitimate owner of the land and therefore support the force being used based on that house example.

Now not all states are the same. Just as creepy Joe Biden’s hovering and pawing of females is not equivalent to any of the use of power, opportunity and privilege that former president Clinton used in his relations with Monica Lewinsky, I can disagree with the entire category of something and still accept there are versions within it that are in this case worse than others.

My support for the current US president was more about what he would do to halt the growth of the state and the resulting ability to inform people of its true nature, rehabilitate those that can quit it, identify those that can’t and quarantine if need be and possible. This has led me more to the political right.

It’s put me in circles that have ardently applauded the displays of force at the border seemingly strictly for the sake of the state. I shall not join in on that. As assuredly as those tribesmen were not into meeting our lord Jesus Christ, you can keep your exaltations of your deities exercise of benevolent wrath.

I look on the other side of the aisle and am reminded as to why I found myself drifting to the right. The shameless conflations and utter disregard of any context in their what seems to be an oddly ecstatic urge to see who can genuflect the most at the alters of their chosen collectivist ideologies.

Ignore that these diapered barefoot children have experienced in just this short photographed time, let alone the journey leading there or what they have to look forward to, a level of objectively far more challenging experiences than the sort of things that regular trigger reegressives into states of PTSD. They’ll gleefully claim that the reason the caravan exists is due to the US and others meddling in the countries including the drawing up these imaginary borders, while ignoring the evidence of the caravan of people thinking there is something very objectively better about being on the northern side of that line.

So President did not literally gas kids but if it’s his responsibility then why do they say ‘we’ are responsible for past Presidents’ military policies in South and Central America?

So what do I believe should be done with state borders?

Borders exist, be they social constructs or beaches around an island. They are valid and should be respected. They provide limits to what can be done to ones person and their property. So privatize the borders. It would be a legitimate form of protection of property rights if this was done. It’s why using the example of a house works in border disputes.

What about the current system do you like so much if this privatization sounds far fetched and improbable?

Got a year coming up where there are at least 3 countries I plan on visiting, possibly 4. One I already have a visa for. Second one,  though I went for a week or so when I was 4(?) will need to apply for entry and the country I’m a citizen of has Favorable relations with them.  The 3rd i’ve never been to and the visa for that trip would be the same I’d need for the 4th country to return to somewhere i’ve lived.

What makes one choose a destination? Caravan went the blue route.

Now I do not foresee any difficulties outside of the allotted time, process and money that the process of legal migration to and through these countries includes. I imagine it can be streamlined, but another thing inherent in states is lack of competition and thus bureaucratic rot ensues. It’s become more boring than anything in my not so old but definitely no longer young age.

As for politically how could this be sold? Some of the very same folk that seem to support open borders for all will preach about the importance of affirmative consent in one-on-one interactions. So there is an understanding of the value of maintaining borders.

So the main challenge is making one aware of how valid it is to transfer the same protections ones mind is given to the body it inhabits and possesses, over to the things that body then can take into it’s possession due to the actions the mind instructs it to do.

This will invariably include establishing the State as one of the primary, if not the main, violators of private property. What potential threat possessed by any of those migrants cannot be levied a the state?

Well we voted for the state so they are legitimately taxing us and possessing land and other resources federally. Who is we? Unlikely that everyone voted that way and if they did and the state legitimately owns the resources and money now, then who are you to complain if they allow migrants in or redistribute money to them through welfare and other programs?

You may personally object to that, but I could likely find at least 1 voter who, would support that particular feature of the state.

If this was easy and simple, it would not require me spending this much time thinking, writing and talking about it.

It is worth it though.

I Believe In…

At times it seems I am like an isolated tribesman trying to describe the concept of no deity and no state to people who are completely dedicated to their preferred collective belief system. 

Belief systems such as statism and the thousands of theologies require more artifice than would be living without them. Children can deal with a state of anarchy and basing ones behavior on empirical data. This is an observation not a statement about their worth or value; the social constructs contained in religions are learned not inherent. 

I believe what I believe. I believe a lot of what people believe is not true and in fact harms them and more importantly me. I like me way more than I like you. Been glad to be able to have been saying this way before Kanye did in that great song of his.  I believe most people like themselves more than they like you, mo matter what they say, you can see it by what they do. Those tribes-folk very likely have their own god(s). They didn’t think enough about Johns god denying them access to spend an eternity at his side by bring them the message of his son/self/key-to-heaven.

They did one further than Kanye said in his song and like a fundamentalist actually did what they thought influenced by their beliefs and killed the man.

Am I like John, thinking the best thing to do is inform people of the what truths they may lack, only to put myself in a position to be attacked and end any potential to live a happier life…well happy is relative so let’s go with productive because I think most lives are more productive than those that involve being shot full of primitive projectiles.

The equivalent for me would be the time I spend thinking about all of this. Having done something else with the time I spent having conversations, making videos, writing blog posts, commenting on stories, engaging in debates and arguments in closed groups that may only be seen by a handful of people.

When there are lauded politicians claiming the border incident is similar to scenes form the holocaust. When you have people that on the regular say they believe the USA is a horrible oppressive place hysterically demand more people be let in vs kept out for their own good. I understand they often mean literally figuratively but when beliefs do not are defined as needing factual evidence then what good is my asking for some logical consistency?

Would it be more productive to just keep this all to myself. Can delete the video channels and blog posts. Shutter all this anti-social behavior and interests and join the main stream. Don’t even need to know how to swim, in there we all float. If i’d like to continue using the experience i’ve gained doing all this, I could make something more milquetoast and palatable to the general population. Could join some in-groups and signal fealty to it and distaste of the appropriate rival out-groups.

I could join a congregation. Go right there and sit in the pews on the suggested days. Stand or kneel during prayers in the requested show of respect. Sing the words of the sometimes energetic and entertaining hymns. Donate the time and money expected, Smile at handshakes and recite the reflexive words form the dogma.

Believe me I could.

I could get behind one of the various states that run the locations i’ve lived in. Could leave those behind and pick one of the few I have admired from afar. Using the knowledge from these years researching the nature of states i’d make a good citizen. Could sidestep any hot topic, and turn the topic back to how great the any-other-topic-that-isn’t-that-political-topic is, as well as any one you likely have met.

I’d be able to know all the right spots to insert virtue signals of all the right thoughts t get along with about any crowd of people i may find myself in.

Do you believe I could?

I don’t.

But if I ever do what I said I could do, remember what I described here and ask yourself if you believe I really believe in what I am doing.

I think there is a lack of belief in people actually believing what they say. We see people actually act on things they believe and then sit back shocked like, oh mayn, you mean they literally believed what they said?

There are no actual gods or states. Saying you believe they are as real as me and you, as real as our minds posses our bodies, as real as even the concept of private property that stems from the recognition of our existence as beings capable of agency, has been fatal for too many for far too long. The two things are just creations of people who come together with ideas and constructs to try and understand the world and benefit themselves and the ones they care for. Their usefulness has borders and limitations.

They are our possessions not our possessors.

Video of the post is back. the ‘I believe in a thing called love, Just think about sumfin sumfin ha!” came to my mind as I wrote the conclusion.

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