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there is an increase of ethno-nationalism in places it had receded. If something about racial purity is preferential, matching your genes to that of your partner, then why not take it all the way to inbreeding?

It will likely not get this far due to the subjective nature of the sentiment. It is similar to people arguing for higher taxation or minimum wage would not go to a 100% taxation or wages approaching or exceeding $100.

From the most powerful royalty in history to an uncontacted village in New York State, we’re talking about some of the most inbred people of all time.

The video focused on WYPIPO with the occasional stereotypical twangy banjo. This could have been considered racially insensitive but WYPIPO are not only not a protected group, but it’s also a predominantly white country so you’ll find more examples of positives AND negative things in that group of people.

They also snitch on each other more.

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