AB84 86es Himself out of +$40 Million and a Dream Job! | Black MEN RISE UP!

Antonio Brown is no longer with the New England Patriots and he has somethings to say about it.

“Kraft got caught in the parlor AB speculations fired different strokes different folks clearly ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ”

I know right!?? Black men rise up the NFL is rayciss like ive been being told!!!!๐Ÿ˜

AB84 may be a lost cause.

Nah brah, your issue isn’t the same as Patriots owner Robert Krafts.

He hired you.

Isn’t your race.

He freaking hired you.

It’s you.

You fired you.

Enjoy sports. I do. Dont follow them like they are a representative of you and your ‘community.’ They are not. AB84 is an indivifdual who does nto speak for me.

If you don’t feel that his wins are yours then you wont feel his losses are either.

Black folk out there who claim the bad things happening to some people they happen to share some features both in the past and present are indicative of their own personal self and reflect the reality for all that happen to be in the group, will also be tasked to own this single individuals behavior and circumstance.

My speculation is that this is an unsettled person that has been enabled by those around him due to a magnificent and rare combination of talent and work ethic that he had. I say had because you have to count his now becoming legendary talent and work ethic towards mucking things up off the field in a whole other way that surpasses his on the field prowess.

The same things that led to AB84 led to AB86.

He is an individual but had folk around him behind the scenes that failed to hold him to a higher standard. it was lucrative. Had many in public feeding his behavior, that failed to care about glorifying someone they knew little to nothing about, he was prolific. Many of the same that received the former results with great joy, will now suffer from the present results.

Can be entertained by these individuals but they are not you or yours. They are not paid to do what you’d expect from yourself or yours.

If it’s not ‘We’ have won or been successful when he signs a contract for 50 million dollars then others cant ‘We’ you when his behaviour leads to losing out on contracts for over $50 million in a matter of weeks.

Video of the Post

See if you can catch Howie Long (former Raider) cheesing here.

Ah, too bad Mr. Johnson,’We’ are almost certainly not done talking about Antonio Brown.

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