Attention to Female Hysteria Is As Human As Avoidance of Male Depression

Some time back I internalized and understood how normal it is that a sexually dimorphic species, in which females are the controlling factor to reproduction, would be gynocentric. And that species would invariably create societies with the social structures like the ones we find ourselves in.

Stopped being as ticked off and frustrated.

Different expressions, same biology.

Realized some, maybe most if not the vast majority approaching all, of that anger was coming from my lived experience and trying to get over the negative things I felt. But we are human and general population does attempt to message certain things I would argue are very positive, in their own way.

May be not as easy to see, I believe the world would improve if some of them were done more, but it’s there.

I get why Greta, a 16 year old girl child is essentially beautified and her hysterics and outcries are so effective. While things like this video for the song “Something About You” by Elderbrook & Rudimental about very real issues males have in coming to terms with themselves and communicating with others get’s the little attention it has.

I could make hundreds of posts and videos about the statistics showing the challenges men face in the world to add to the millions likely out there already. They would most likely not reach a fraction of people this fantastic video will.

How the message is marketed counts, but the subject itself is key.

It’s not the dubious or questionable data and threat of climate change vs the very real and present undeniable statistics on things like male suicide rates. It’s deeper.

XX hits the spot.

XY makes you ask why should I really care?

I looked into the abyss and smiled, for everything I saw was just as it should be.

Utter chaos.

Great piece of art. Even the process of the folk that join. Old men, certain races may have more apprehension to emotional expression. The athletic kind may think its not macho. The more overweight may think they wont be accepted.

I still have breaking out into a flash mob dance at some group location on my bucket list. Didn’t have a song or dance in mind to do it to.

Found one.

Video of the Post

This used to be on my maybe list of flashmob dances. What are yours?

I sometimes lie to myself that this sort of dance mob is a regular part of life in South Korea and Japan.


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