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I may be late and have been distracted but I just thought of something and wonder if anyone else got this before. Watch this scene from the film Gladiator.

Tis scene from Ridley Scott’s 2000 epic film is one of the most memorable and memebale. I see more in it than entertainment though after close to 2 decades. Here’s what i’ve just observed.

This is an engaging scene. On face value you see a frustrated Maximus, mocking the onlookers. Challenging them to answer if life is this cheap to them.

Tired of having to play this game for their pleasure.

I’d like to look beyond that.

If given the chance I would ask Mr. Scott if he also intended it to be commentary on how people will watch anything if it’s entertaining. Could be as objective and visceral a truth as the direct slaughter a fellow member of the species, and you’ll get people to watch if presented in a subjectively appealing way.

If you take the very same action, the same information, and strip the artifice away from it you’ll eventually lose the interest of most people. If someone should choose to spend time out of their life to see what you are offering why expect them to just see life for what it is. Especially if you expect renumeration of any form be ready to offer a performance. If simply observing reality were preferable, they’d just go live their own lives and see that for free.

The inherent content of the information does not stand on it’s own merit. It may be more significant than some of the popular things you consider to be baseless but you better make it entertaining or you may as well keep int in your mind and save the time and energy.

Maximus was too frustrated with his goals not being fulfilled. How could they not see how serious his mission was?

I’d ask him how could they?

The crowd still ended up cheering, possibly accepting the truth of what it is they were there witnessing. He used the good will and pathways that had been built by the entertainment. And delivered the truth.

They all found out found that the truth of what they just saw was something they were willing to entertain.

it’s up to who to entertain

It’s up to you to draw in and keep the attention of others. It’s up to you to prove to others your attention is worth having.

We learn the value of attention and it’s relationship to entertainment from birth.

Cry to get attention even if it means interrupting whatever the caregiver was being entertained with before.

Find ways to keep it that attention, it’s your lifeline. You look for better ways to do it..

Oh they prefer laughing, do that occasionally. I can use these things attached to me to get closer to earshot of that being, let me try crawling and walking. Oh look they clap when I do that. Seem happy. The way their face is folding seems to look like how it feels my face must look when i’m happy. let me do that more.

Ah, these sounds can be controlled into things that they seem to respond to. Let me try that doing that.

And so on.

Your birth, life and eventual death is not innately something that demands anyone pay attention to.

This is a basic fact of life that we understand before we can even describe it. If we did not wed almost certainly not live long enough to be able to describe anything. Why do we seem to forget this basic fact of life when we do become able to describe things?

We’ve got to give people a reason to pay attention.

Be more entertaining even if it means disrupting what they may find entertaining at the time. Or accept your solitude. This is unfortunately evidenced by those children that act out even if it may be sure to bring punishment and other abuse. We crave attention. It may be hardcoded into us on a genetic level that neglect, lack of being deemed worthy of attention, is courting death.

Truth may be free but attention has costs.

I discussed this in a recent post about the attention given to male vs female issues. Creating a short video that artistically depicts the reality of male depression and lack of communication that provides fertile growth for this deadly tree to bear it’s all to often deadly fruit, is a very effective way to reach many who would benefit from this message. It seems to be much more effective than would 300 people researching and reading 300 concise well sourced sourced papers in 300 videos each that detail the epigenetic and social effects this background noise of male disposability has on the men and extended society.

There is likely a of down stream effect of these studies on the culture around the creatives who observe enough to finally make the video but I’m talking about the direct creator to audience level here.

So who is it up to, to entertain? No one and anyone.

We can fail to communicate for sure even when we need to, but it behooves those that strive to, to establish a means of communication that ensures all involved will be able to entertain the communication and give it the desired attention.

what’s this got to do with me?

Glad I wrote that and you read it so I can be glad you asked.

I’ve been questioning critics. Too many seem too hard to entertain. They are unable to empathize that other viewers may be seeing the content they critique for the first time. Sure that

Been thinking I ‘ll start taking any critique from someone who has never attempted to create or participate in something related to the thing they are critiquing with a large grain of salt.

I’ve been questioning myself and other content creator who claim to not understand why their content isn’t received in a more welcoming way. Been blogging for over 10 years, Youtube vids for 3, other sorts of art for over 2 decades. I get it gets frustrating when you put hours of work over multiple days condensing things you’ve thought of for years into something and it gets 45 views over 2 years…but there is no inherent reason it should even have those 45.

Been thinking we creatives should critique our creations from the POV of someone who does not have even a second or glimpse of the life experience and history that drove us to think of even the most basic part of what we create.

So should you be entertained? Sure, I can’t see why not.

I wouldn’t force anyone else to only make or ingest what I consider entertaining. But the expectation of being entertained before you exchange your time and mind-space for it is a natural and quite positive thing to expect before any goods are exchanged.

In fact this demanding and fulfilling this expectation may be the fundamental thing that gives a good it’s worth.

I use the Non-Aggression Principle to navigate my reality tunnel. It interestingly stipulates that the very action of attempting to communicate with someone can be a sort of violation as it can mean the initiation of contact with their sensory organs prior to receiving consent to do so. Although in most cases the permission is granted after the fact and they do have the ability to stop listening to sound or can look away from visuals. So considerations should be made to receive that consent.

And for sure demands can be made before it is paid.

I have enjoyed creating what I have.

I have learned a lot about myself and it’s helped be become a better observer and communicator. Am at the point where I’m about to embark on a the start of a project I plan on working on indefinitely. I shall be putting more effort and care into who I want to reach, and how to do it.

the end of a beginning

Invest more time into communicating and in exchange enough will be willing to invest their time in listening. This will make it a mutually beneficial interaction for all involved.

Will likely keep this blog and the YouTube channel as is. But there is a chance that future projects may branch off into other platforms and locations, leaving the ones that taught me so much inactive. I shall be giving updates on these portals as that develops.

For now, I hope you have found it entertaining.


You’ll be entertained

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