Here’s Why Hillary Clinton Will be The 2020 Democratic Nominee…

You may have seen articles and stories of Hillary Clinton teasing a possible return to Presidential campaigning. Is she going for a 3rd times the charm? Or too oblivious to see she’ll just get a hat-trick of L’s?

Here is a recent article on CNN. Hillary Clinton to Trump: ‘Don’t tempt me’ into entering the 2020 presidential race. Now no one can deny what was said there, President Donald J Trump, anyone that paid attention to the election, myself and you good reader included, know there were ‘a bunch of different reasons’ for the results to decide who will be the 45th President of the United States of America.

But it was not that Muh-Popular-Vote horse Mr’s Clinton is still beating. Even the CNN anchors in the included clip didn’t see fit to acknowledge that horse let alone lift a muscle in an even faux attempt to flog what is a horse thats been dead, and all useful parts recycled into things like glue and paintbrushes that was used to create build and other Potemkin excuses that have long since been blown over that its not even worthy of being mentioned as faux news.

So let me get this out of the way. I think Trump will get his second term. Not even a fraction of the doubt I had about this last season. Said this before and am sticking to it. This Clinton thing could just be to sell books. Or raise a lil money here and there. She isn’t anti-money recieving money on false pretenses.

And neither are most people. They vote after all. This is politics.

But I want her to run.

A significant amount of my political interest is for the lulz.

Especially with my recent realization that it’s essentially just another fandom for most people. And most actual participants just do it as a basic competitive job with no actual belief, let alone ability o do most of the horrific things that the weapon that is state power is can let someone have. Most of ya’ll dont take this seriously so why am I expending energy behaving like you do.

I strongly believe that the understanding age we are in provides such a dependable cheat code of sorts, that we have essential invulnerability as a global civilization fro some of these grand scale state-sponsored, fiat-funded, barely discriminate culling. Especially of the sort we say less than 100 years ago. War no longer literally means war.

So we will find out in a few weeks, well before the deadline to actually declare ones candidacy to qualify for being nominated as candidate for the Democratic party. Not because they are beyond just pulling someone the day before ballots are to be placed but since in any scenario of this happening the key part is raising that money and she, and all standing to reap from that bounty, will want more time to do that.

So I think she should really do this and here is why there is a good chance it will happen.

I have suspicions that it was a plan all along inspired by what Bill Clinton did, declaring late on Oct 3rd, 1991 and going on to win. A speech where he literally said it was to make America great again. So its not unprecedented among the Clinton’s to do this as an actual winning strategy.

Now for the Democrats, why not let Clinton take this round on as well?

I think many know it’s an almost guaranteed loss this election cycle. In this came you can’t just throw in the white towel fight another day. You’ve got to step into the ring, and go to the final buzzer.

So go with this strategy: Have the also rans say the inane things that the lurching to left party has been clamoring for and eating up. Scare some of the opponents into thinking you are just so cray you may actually pull something off.

As they begin to flag under the reality that despite their support of the biggest state ever, americans in general arent ready to openly welcome and accept the blatant collectivist fail that is socialism and communism, you go get your trusty, most qualified ever, White female candidate.

Hillary comes in as a savior. Reluctantly pulled away form her calm and comfortable grandmotherly life and seems oh so very moderate. Proceeds to raise stadium sized pools of money. And the junkie media and other politicos gets that election season infusion of greenbacks that they feind on.

The reward for the also rans? Increased public profile and also get to keep moneys hived off of what was raised for campaigns that were not intended to be for the long run to begin with.

Why would the current leading candidates step down?

Ukraine scandal is an excuse for Biden. I don’t think he actually wants to do this anyway. Now he can go be grandpa Joe and not this likely medicated paper tiger. This revelation is enough horrid optics for supporters to allow themselves to admit that it’s a no go.

Bernies heart condition, real or not, can let him step down and take a support role without Berners saying they’ve been robbed by Clinton again.

Warren is not going to raise any money since she’s essentially like picking a knockoff made in China version of something when you can be paid more to have the genuine article of Hillary. (Also Pocahontas.)

The rest are just that. The rest.

i rest my case

So she runs for the 3rd time, getting that 3rd strike, with a possible landslide for the GEOTUS.

Now Hill is out of the racket for good and rides off into the sunset. Dems can truly claim it’s time for new blood and direction for 2024. Fringes buy into that new blood thing with an “I told you so” attitude. Base lies the new direction thing with a “You did tell us but we had to try once more” attitude.

They can then coalesce around their chosen athletes, teams, coaches and playbooks, while rehashing all the tried and faux views such as:

See how much Tump hates women by how he was mean to Hillary!

It gibs money and puts the vote in the ballot box to fight!

Patriarchy is alive and well yet also fragile and afraid of strong women.

It gibs money and puts the vote in the ballot box to fight!

The future is female look at how many are in positions of power and how much more money we they make than men now, and how much more educated they are now but we still have a long way to go to shatter all the glass ballot boxes and oval offices!

It gibs money and puts the vote in the ballot box to fight!

If anyone is close to Hillary and thinks she listens to you. Dont let her read this post. But do whatever you can to get her to run.

video of the post

Cmon Mrs. Clinton. For the memes!

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