Robots Make Better Robots | Should You Be Afraid?


Ugh, enough you Luddites with your tired end of days predictions.

It’s a more complicated gun.

If this robot were real that’s what it’d be.

If this is a bad idea so are computer targeted missile systems, or any vehicles with computers in them. Just as swords gave advantages. Bows and arrows did and sharpened rocks and sticks before them. It’s not in a vacuum either. They create dependancies and rely on supply and maintenance chains to be effectively used.

Great video by Corridor Digital. Even the ability to make a video like that is an amazing tool. And as mentioned before says something about the access to resources and general quality of life the people making the video have to be able to take the time to make this.

It has correlations to how one values and appreciates other human lives.

All wars are cultural and the main field of battle is informational. But ability to create computer generated images like these also enables better messaging. By the time robots are advanced enough to do what’s in the short, advancements in other less life and death spheres, will help reduce need or possibility of abusing the robots to kill humans on a grand or thoughtless scale.

That’s one thing about dystopic future sci fi. Why enslave or kill all humans? In general the AI and robots were advanced enough to do so, why not leave earth if humans were still as brutish and base as some think we still are? I doubt they’d still be as Terra locked as we currently are. And on the way to developing this tech humans would also be less Terra-locked as the AI and Robots are a part of human tools and nature as surely as a Bower-birds nest is or a beehive is of a bee.

I am familiar with CGI and can see whats being done. It’s also indicated to be computer generated and a parody of sorts. But still you’ll see it being touted as real footage and the general populace may not be as capable of seeing the artificiality.

But remember people still believe in zombie gods ascending into skies without any single piece of evidence.

I remember I used to think the Undertaker in the WWE could lying on the ground, go rigid swing up to standing standing like some his feet were the head of a rake that was stepped on.

I recall watching stop motion King King and having my disbelief suspended enough to find it credible.

So I don’t underestimate the ability of information to change and effect minds. The future horrors some may imagine by seeing this video, would also be very present ones deterring potential ‘enemies’ from becoming enemies to begin with. For sure I wasn’t thinking of picking a fight with the Undertaker after I heard the deadman could rise up like that!

Automation and use of machines and computers is already a part of humanity. We use tools. What if it was a humanoid medic able to heal actual soldiers. In some cases one able to do that would be able to pick up a gun as well. Or have ability to protect itself and secure the patient.
How about mechanized battle suits? If whose are a bad idea why is it different if it’s in the form of an Abraham’s tank or Apache helicopter?

the trades of war

Fiat currency likely ends relatively soon. Without this bit of economic muckery it would be literally too expensive to go to grand scale wars. Not on the human cost but just inability to fund the efforts. If you look at the economics during and after world wars then the following global popularity of fiat money makes more sense. If you can’t just ‘create’ money how are you going to pay for the wars?

So a more commodity based means of exchange is a positive. Folk are already becoming more economically literate and suspicious of all the debt floating around the world.

There is an increase in access to resources though. Which is a key part of why conflicts even occur. More resources to secure and enable more reproduction. But look at the current abundance in tech and materials that for example is evidenced by the general access to hand held computers.

You aren’t getting those cheap iPhones being used by people who haven’t had gainful employment for a decade in a United Kingdom if the government is currently carpet bombing Chinese countryside preventing the folk form mining the rare earth and having the factories to build the machines to begin with.

If all wars are cultural, all hot or cold ones could for sure be strictly Trade wars.

Now think of the ability to create, maintain and use these robots?

It will need a general level of population thats of a certain level of civility, to even support and maintain the few people able to do this. Even in the past to have a society that could mine, store, smelt, fashion and maintain steel weapons, required a populace with certain levels of order and cooperation much higher than that of nomadic, stone-age peoples.

You can likely tell a lot about the values of a certain group of people if you see what artifacts they create. Archeology depends greatly on this. Could slaves really have created some of the great works of art and engineering we have seen, or was it more likely to be relatively valued and respected artisans who chose these fields.

Do you think the roman legionnaires could fight and work as they did without the advancements in in the civility fo the population that created them?

I decry the waste in military spending all over the world. However what are the alternatives. What ostensibly drives this spending? The cost is more commonly discussed but whats the benefit?

Well your own soldiers.

Your own citizens.

Your team of humans.

me or it?

Think about how the more advanced and peaceful countries are less generally martial. We are going form times when most humans, male or female would be called to literally put their life on the line at least once just to be able to become old enough to biologically be a part of creating another life. Now look at those populations and what percent are figuratively going to war over the use of pronouns OTHER people use about them.

Actual war is not popular or cheap. Less so the more civilized we get.

What does it say about a country Like the USA if they’d rather spend billions in military hardware and operations versus just recruiting and sending in millions of humans. Hell make them carry their own guns. Muricans has quite a few. They’ve got enough to have some Kentuckians stage a firefight that ABC News thought looked enough like a Syrian warzone to broadcast it to a general populace very inundated with fictionalized and sensationalized entertainment productions of wars.

Despite all this, just focus on the amount directly spent on a single boots on the ground soldier of $17,500 vs $1,523 per Chinese soldier. Sure it’s partially political when they avoid showing the caskets of bodies coming back from Warzones, and have very curated combat reporting, but a big part of the spending is Americans don’t like seeing Americans dying.

Most don’t like to see others of their in-group dying.

Lives have a cost and certain militaries for sure value their lives higher than others.

I think we are getting towards a global human species in group which will reduce these conflicts but for now imagine a force having to go against humanoid robots. Your population keeps taking losses in flesh and blood. Only occasionally taking down one of these metal and oil constructs.

Those gruesome images of decapitations are not solely for demoralizing enemies and getting ransoms. It’s mostly for humanizing them, or dehumanizing them to your supporters. Sowing that they are not some immortal gods but instead can be bested by the combatants you support.

How are you maintaining the public support for this continued military effort when you’re capturing a robot?

in the video above they even used a robo-dog to ‘humanize’ the bot. Some may have felt for it during the testing going on as they set up the tension, but adding that anthropomorphized relationship at the end of man-dog was needed for the extra oomph.

People rightfully claim that a well armed populace is a deterrent for the few violent and criminally minded within it.

These would be that on a global scale.

Nuclear weapons are already this to an extent.

video of the post

Check this out

Some may fear deep-fakes, I do not. People will be gullible even if it’s a story they heard or read. They dont need to see and hear a technologically advanced and skillful computer generated presentation to be bamboozled. I’m nto one that thinks people are more easily fooled today that theyve bene in the past. Look up the War of the Worlds Broadcast if you don’t believe me. If anything skepticism is on the rise.

Churches in Nigeria may be able to use the internet to advertise the power of healing the arm of a poor accursed woman given to them by worshiping the Shepherd of Men. That same internet can be used to show how these charlatans are continuing to profit from the fleecing of sheep. And that availability to information also led me to find the possible medical condition she had in a few minutes of internet searches.

Something that many of those enthralled worshipers could have done by accessing their own smart phones.

Think about things you hear about someone like Donald Trump. He called Mexicans rapists! What a racist!! You watch the video and realize he said some and added that there were also good people in there, and despite that, Mexican isn’t a race. But still people believe, no need tor Deep Fakes, fake news is enough.

Anyway the spread of these shall also increase the value of seeing and talking to people in person. Just as a video call is more personable than an email since in part you have added assurance that the person you are talking to is actually that person. An email could be calculated, written and sent by someone else… So now if someone takes the time to come and talk to you in person versus term just sending you a CGI hologram that could be someone else entirely.

I value communication in its many forms. Wouldn’t be posting these ifI did not. Hope I’ve communicated that when you take a bit of time to think about it then some, if not most, of the concerns being raised about technological advancements are venturing into unfounded hysterics.

We are in the age fo understanding.

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