Belle Delphine Puts The THOT in THOughT?

Basics is a female human located somewhere in the UK. She is a youthful 20(?) yrs old and of above average appearance, had been creating photos and lewd content for some time. Shot to higher fame(infamy?) by selling her bathwater.

Had her instagram account deleted after being flagged down.

Recently had a what may be now fake incident with a stolen hamster leading to spray painting a car and an arrest… then there is this video.


Really though is this a thing?

Is this some planned level of something or just randomness for the sake of randomness built on the whole we like looking a things that look good?

Seriously asking not just posting for the sake of lulz or thotery even if thats there.

Does Art Question?

I’ve got many questions. This is common in my posts but just letting you know there will be many questions to follow.

Sure if she was some slovenly, homely know nothing making this sort of content I would not have even known about her. I get that she has directly stated a core purpose is to make lewd material. Thats bringing in the money in a time where there have been challenges to succesful lucrative thoting. But what is this video itself?

Is this some obscure level of contemporary art? There are things in world renown galleries that receive glowing praise whose supposed virtues areare lost to me. So not getting somehting doesnt men it isnt artistic,

For example there is the Fountain by Marcel Duschamp, a ready made sculpture of a repositioned standard urinal, that is considered a landmark of 20th century art. This could me memetic-troll-thotery, elevated to a performance art form.

Many of us could do things and can if we had to but what makes things something you would and do do?

Others could get the makeup she has, apply it. Get the props she had, film it. Get access to the applications she has, edit it. Then upload it online. Why don’t more do so?

She sold bathwater. Real or not many have baths and don’t sell it but she did and made thousands. How many recent college graduates could erase their student debts in a short time by selling bathwater?

At this point I’m wondering myself why I even actually watched it and thought to go as far as to write this blog an post it…

Comments are somewhat aware of this. Saw some mention how amazed they were that she could actually handle things such as the various raw meats in the video. They most likely have eaten chicken before, but there is a chance they’ve never actually purchased, cut then cooked it form its raw state. Let alone actually dressed a chicken from its whole state and almost certainly not actually seen or slaughtered one that they had previously fed.

I have though. Still oddness wiht the hands dipped in the livers but not unexpected as she does have a video where she goes through a day with her very unique best friend. But having dressed squid several times, which has me of the mind that sea creatures are essentially aliens, that also did not give me any icky feeling.

Regardless there seems to be more thought behind this than simple thotery. Now she is quite openly self aware about her thotery. She mentions relevancy quite often. Bringing up her bathwater acknowledging how ‘she is nothing without it’ then having the skeleton that is becoming her drink it. this could be a further nod towards those that bought it and drank it which gave them some momentary relevancy in certain spheres.

Many people may be dismayed to find their sister, daughter or friend doing things like what Belle does in the video. Now there is a conection, but if you didnt know about either, would this be more damning and horrific than the lewd images?

Imagine 2 average teen males. Their boomer parents are checking their search history. One parent finds that the kid has been searching through an archive of her lewd images. One finds this YouTube video. Which parents are more shocked?

Which teen is more shamed?

Which is more NSFW leading to possible firing?

If you were dating belle and you found the images or this video which would be mroe likley to make you want to break up?

In the future if she has kids which do you think would be harder to explain to them?

Shortly before stumbling upon ms Delphines return I had been in a 3 hour long video conference discussing an upcoming group film review. A specific point in the conversation was a thought of how much more intent we may have been attributing to the product than was intended by the creator.

Something could simply be a visual they thought was captivating then they tagged on a few things for context. But here we were thinking they must have had some grand plan to include it as part of tying together multiple other story threads that run through the entire narrative.

We tell stories about stories based on stories others told that they will use to tell their own stories.

Interestingly enough in the discussion of if the Fountain was art on, writer Louise Norton wrote, “The only works of art America has given are her plumbing and her bridges.” as we were discussing intents and choices made by the creators of the IP we are going to review, I spoke to how most people wouldn’t care how a bridge was built as long as it got them across the river to the other side. Whereas we, who were spending time speaking about aspects of the story that may never be known, would be the sort to stand there and marvel at the kind of construction, its location, its limitations, the history of the techniques and people what built it etc

So if a repositioned urinal can be art why not a thoughtful thot?

So why should certain films deserve that treatment but something like this clip by Delphine just be bleh?


Thanks for reading?

What Does Belle Do?

Mentioned in a previous post how I watch some things sped up, especially on YouTube. Now the content of this for multiple reasons made me want to watch at regular speed, with a sort of excruciated awed expression on my face.

There is no intent to create a suspension of disbelief to the point she would think anyone would think that she really thinks she’s turning the skely into her. Well outside a situation where she’s essentially an anime character and in some non this world reality/dimension the character that is Belle Delphine does. Wondering how much of the content was just based on the comments and messages she must get and how much was meme culture…I’m watching the whole time not at all wishing she thought any of it was real but at the same time amazed at the timeline we live in that this is a thing.

End with LULZ of the Post. Here is a collection of memes that I actually wish are real. I shall nto research to see if Mrs Curry actually says these savage things, because I’d prefer to have a head cannon where she does.

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