Power of Belief Sam Harris & Lawrence Wright

Here is a fantastic conversation between Sam Harris and Lawrence Wright. They discuss the power of belief and touch on sever al topics of contemporary and historical significance.

This should be of great importance for believers or non believers.

There is a key part in here about 9/11 truthers. It’s claimed to be absurd when foreigners say this. Muslim deniers! How dare they!

A recent specific example was when famous Muslim politician, Ilhan Omar said about 9/11, “CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”

Totes foot in mouth moment.

But her belief gave her more concern for the plight of the muslims that share those beliefs.

She was roundly criticized for this, but do we hear the same criticism towards 9/11 truthers? Do they not actually think it was ‘some people’ and not the people claimed to have done it for the reasons we’ve been told they did?

It’s a predominantly Christian country, most 9/11 truthers in the USA are likely folk who are more similar to the majority. If you know them personally you likely share other beliefs that are more pertinent to your personalities and day to days.

This informs how you react to their some people did something claims.

I am skeptical in nature. More than most.

I think some folk knew more about what was going on than they let on. I think they may nto have believed it would get to this point. I think there were many failures in the system that if gen pop knew about would greatly reduce their suspension of disbelief in the political theatre they continue to watch and participate in.

I may have biases. But this is most likely a debate that will continue for a long time. Depending on how invested you are their is enough ‘evidence’ to support your views and folk to call you blind and idiotic for support or denial.

People want to believe that the state works. People want to believe that the people around them have their best interests in mind. People want to believe they are safe, good, and things are going to plan.

It is a power of belief.

Just because we, and those we know, may say we believe certain things and act like we do not, does not mean this is what everyone does about everything.

I don’t agree with everything said in the video above, but i do agree in believing people believe what they say they believe.

In the age of understanding I hope and encourage folk to base their beliefs on solid evidence.


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