Kanye Is Current Year Al Sharpton?

The difference is mostly that the Republicans are in the position of power and claiming persecution, whereas in the past that was inverted.

I shall be referring to this post several times as this is something that is for sure going to continue for some time. Have been interested with seeing the excitement that some on the political right have towards Kanye West’s claim to have embraced Christianity.

Christianity has been a big part of the black american community. Why are the folks acting like Kanye saying Jesus exists is so groundbreaking. Not in his community it is.

Not even personally.

One of his first hits was Jesus Walks after all.

So what is it?

It’s not strictly the political right but it’s the religious right. They are making claims that their conservative values, and other social and moral issues are rooted in Christianity.

Around 25 minutes Al Sharpton makes the case that the Civil Rights movement was primarily a Christian movement. No mention of how slave owners in the south, both white and black, used the bible to defend the morality of keeping slaves.

One second there.

Al Sharpton is one of the most visible voices in the black community.

The Reverend Al Sharpton also makes it clear he wants folk to vote democrat.

I think some may be in for some surprises with Kanye.

I don’t mean his to Christian Genius Billionaire. Not even recalling his past behavior like saying George Bush doesn’t care about black peopel or letting Taylor Swift finish only after pointing out Beyonce had the best album of the year.

It’s closer to something his family has done.

Not the dubious claim to fame of his wife and some ways the sisters present themselves. Yes christians are very judgmental this but I think there are many Magdalenes out there being damned in favor of praising the Jezebels.

But the church.

His mother in law, the biological one, started a church. Its been claimed that it may be for specifically monetary reasons wiht little to not care about teh spiritual ones.

Kanye has had some financial issues.

I don’t doubt he believes in some understanding of the Christian god if he says so.

But just letting you know.

No theology owns morality. Belief in Christianity is not casual to being a conservative. Anything Kanye says about god pales in comparison to things he is saying about social expectations and in group limitations.

video of the post

I have a few videos on Kanye. I agree he is playing a big and admirable part in securing many things I find to be valuable and important for the continuation of human flourishing.

There is a level of ‘black people are so stupid they need Jesus and wont understand reason and morality otherwise’ that I see in some of the pushing of the book.

You can call Ye Al

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