Is Duckie L’Orange’s Bum-Dog Art?

A comedian went on Germany’s got talent. Didn’t say a word but played 2 characters. A concerned aproned, woman with an expressive face. The other a cheeky canine.

Adult content:

Did she make an ass out of herself in a scandalous fail or does she turn this into publicity and some financial gain with her first hit on google searching her name website and more? (get an ssl certificate Duckie, I get antsy about sites without that shield or lock in the address bar!)

We often see images and headlines then filter them into our reality tunnel. I try and make an effort to look into it more. Here is what I initially saw.

Curiosity peaked.

You may say of course its peaked you ravenous CIS gendered male! You can’t help but want to ogle bums, with your toxically oppressive male gaze and objectify the female body! Teach men not to stare, don’t be here saying women have to cover up for your male societal definition of modesty!! And even if we do have to cover up its empowering so you are just afraid of strong funny women!!!


Actually with someone whose deals with fluctuating weight and had some very self critical body image issues, one of my first thoughts was, good for her being secure enough to air her bum on TV.

There was something about that title. Bait will be bait but even if you know that you may still nibble at it. Who got ill now? Sausages up where how? Nothing in the comments really addressed the actual step-by-step of the act. So I click the link.

Article had a video that was already unavailable, come back to that later.

Here is a comment that was with the post:

“She looks mentally ill and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was. It’s getting to the point where even ‘clown world’ doesn’t properly describe the things we have to put up with.”

Ah looks mentally ill? Isn’t she getting a bum deal?

I am an ardent lulzer and occasional meme merchant of Honkler and other things Clown World but me thinks the commentator doth protest too much. Also who is the “we” that has to put up with what in this situation?

I didn’t know about Duckie until I saw this posted in a private group of under 1000 folk. So we as in the group?

I don’t think the comment came from a German. But who knows, they may be such a fan of the popular X has Got Talent shows that they troll the net to find the different national iterations of it and this just crossed some line.

Miss me with that collectivist mess.

The very nature of the show is part of why I see this sort of language as sensationalist, woe is us hand-wringing. They can be judged and see if it’s talent or not. If it’s art or not. And even the pop-selected judges judged it to be not.

Some in the USA have an odd relationship with nudity. I could say the West but from watching Italian TV while I lived there, they seem somewhat more libertine with nudity. Some U-S-Americans can be ardently against hijabs but still speak out against something like this as a sign of degeneracy. Sure it’s a spectrum and not a binary choice between full on nudity or worlds least effective ninja tents, but in general is this bum dog display of skin just the polar opposite of social pressures to the the more religious and cultural coverups?



Haha , Fat Bastard from Austin Powers! More bum humor, what a creative and witty blogger I am! But thats a key here. Mike Myers in a fat-suit wearing Sumo Mawashi and farting isn’t simply obscene, it’s comedic. (and a bit obscene)

She ‘looks mentally ill’ to the commentator is as meaningful as those say president Trump ‘looks mentally ill’ which is to say it looks like internal biases and in-group signaling that I shall place little to no worth in. That’s what it looks like to me.

The Metro article itself opens up with this:

Duckie L’Orange, who didn’t speak on her appearance on Das Supertalent, pulled a string of sausages from her apron and dropped them on the floor.

‘Das Supertalent’, ah German, what a language you are! here is a visual for more understanding of the effect.

There is this thing of repeating the info in slight different wordings done on articles doesn’t sit right with me…is repetition that needed to get people to actually get what is being said? It isn’t for search engine Optimization (SEO) as it happens in newspapers as well. OK maybe online its SEO and a carry over of the newspaper tendency to fill space? why you do this writers and editors??? Digression over

The article didn’t go into the logistics of how this actually happened. It’s not investigative journalism so am not saying they had to. there are genres and categories, just like the show had a subjective definition of the talents they were looking for to present as a product in this competition.

From the little given in the article these were some of my thoughts of how it could have gone. She walks in, drops trou and somehow draws the face on her bum…is she a contortionist? I used to draw some intricate things on my arm using sharpies but this lower back and end crease location is something else. Does she use a mirror or just memorized the location from practicing before hand since its a somewhat simple design? 2 lines 3 fhapes and 6 dots…My knowledge of this is just artistic and journalistic from the sketch fo the cover image for this post! So she’s getting the dog on and goes straight to the sausage eating without having flashed her privatest of privates and/or being pulled off the stage?

One judge, the female one as the article feels the need to point out, was quick to signal her disapproval whilst the other two judges were in various stages of disbelief and discombobulation.

No one watching has to if they don’t approve of it.

Does someone actually test these acts before hand? I don’t think the judges know exactly whats coming and you could always just do one thing on the offscreen testing then switch it up once in front of the studio and judges. But it can be stopped, and eyes can be averted.

Producers of the show rightfully judged it could get some publicity so allowed it to be edited and broadcast. It did and had been shared by the brother of a commentator I’ll mention below.

The Metro played along and as an article thought it could get clicks and shares, it did but as mentioned above, it’s still nto put up with enough by gen pop to not be made unavailable. Now back to the original Q, is it art?

the beholder of art

Who is Duckie L’Orange?

The article gave me near to nada but you know what exists. The internet. Ignorance is a choice for many of us. One I shan’t choose if I intend to comment. And intend i did so search away.

Ok looks like a contemporary performance art sort of thing. Whats this? A “Pussy Powered Protest” and “Girls,Girls,Girls”?

Flaming feminazi that is a sign of destruction fo the west and the decay and destruction of Judeo-Christian cultural norms that are the foundation of all we consider best! She doesn’t shave her armpits!!!

Well, there is more though.

Coincedentaly she actually does clown shows, Not in the mock meme sense the commentator meant. Not in the everything floats down here horrific one creature one. Not the pop culture stylized Joker and Harley Quin kind. But in the artistic category of clowning. Think jesters, mimes and le shocke, comedians.

This is also Duckie L’Orange.

I agree with the another commentator on the post of the article who turned the video off before the bum came on screen as they had kids who ran over to see what he was watching. Some song in there is supposedly also used in a popular kids program. Age appropriate for kids her bum may nto be, but she knows that. If kids are watching its more an issue of the parents than it is of Duckie, the show or the articles.

But I too, with the seviien deadly clowns series, have used clowns to artistically communicate adult content. So now let me review video of her performance. This is one she approved of enough to share, so can fairly say it captured enough of what she intended.

I see she was in a character from the red carpet. Post was over a week old but she’d responded to a few since as current year is so awesome, you can contact folk directly. I asked in a comment how long she was in character, but no answer yet.

Clarification or no it was as performance piece with a level of body humour shock value that she counted on, sort of Lady Gaga type of Artplay. (like Cosplay but for specific artistic performances not paying homages to other set creations? Ill work on that definition)

There was a recent story of a ‘comedienne’ Marie S’Infiltre who got onto a Chanel catwalk during Paris fashion week. No link dont want to give her clicks.

Saw some folk mock fashion shows, models, designers and others involved in that industry as jokes who got what they deserved.

Shall apologetically admit to having once been one of these that looked down on the industry. Despite my current appreciation of fashion as a category of art that means a lot to a lot even if not so much to me, I found the catwalk disruption to unfunny and detestable.

Marie admits her main thing is infiltration. It’s in her name.

She proudly said she was mocking the industry for taking themselves too seriously and some stuff about objectifying females. Commentators were saying model Gigi Hadid was too stuck up by aggressively removing Marie.

But nah, Im with Gigi on this one. It’s even NAP compliant for her to have behaved as she did in pursuing the physical removal of this unknown infiltrator.

Sure Chanel may be a big name and worth millions for reasons you don’t agree with, but its peopled by folk just like me and you. May lead to some unhealthy practices and choices in the most visual members and some suggestive parts of society but that isn’t unique of the industry and participation isn’t forced.

Mostly folk making an honest living.

Some model may have been getting her first big show then this Marie comes in. The clothes aren’t slave labour sweat-shop labour made like the ones the commentators may be wearing as they mock the designers. Did you know Tee shirts still need to be mostly sown manually with sewing machines, no robot teching those jibs yet.

This is haute couture. They are likely designed by a team of quite skilled and dexterous craftsmen who sew and adjust them right there backstage., to fit immaculately on the sculpted clothes hanger models of varied shapes and sizes despite how uniform you think most bodies may be.

Think of the people who made the set, the folk filming, the security of at the event, the audience who came from far and wide to appreciate it. There is a general agreement you make when you go there that you’ll sit and watch not sneak down onto the catwalk.

Sure the Ceruleuan Blue trickle down fashion from Devil Wears Prada may be good scriptwriting but inaccurate to reality, because trickle down seems to just be a fabricated for selling a story for profit of the storyteller(s) as it is when said about economics, but fashion isn’t unimportant.

Cripes Anne Hathaway is a joy to look at and Glen Close really can act, despite her speaking convenient talking points in film and about socio politics…

That digression was like a post of its own. Considered pulling it out for a separate one cause content but nay, these are the journeys those who read this blog can occasionally expect. This was about a bum-dog eating sausages right? Wait its Germany was it bratwuersteseseses?

Back to it finish line in sight…

I laughed at the reactions of the judges and crowd, as my feeling the tension building having prior the knowledge of what was to come. Imagining how it would have been seeing it live in the crowd. I may have been awkwardly grinning and glancing around.

Something notable is the perturbed look the bald judge gave Duckie cut to seem like it was his initial predisposition even before she exposed himself. Is he the Simon Cowell of this show? See how formulaic it is. The over the shoulder shot of the host looking from behind the curtain on the left hand of the stage.

The judge stubbing his foot is one of those things that shows how universal some things are. Again that German language is quite a thing on its own, but don’t have to know it to get what he said as he pointed to his foot and grin.

From a production standpoint of what this X got Talent type of show is they put on a good show and clip.

The fashion show was disrupted by Marie, whereas Duckie’s performance was interactive. Value is by definition subjective, some art can be in protest but not all protests are artistic.

As for Duckie L’Orange, she put thought and creativity into her actions wiht the intent to communicate an actual idea that goes beyond the simple visual, materials or utility of the content to others.

So yes it’s art.

Vid of the post

So this totes wasn’t just an excuse to look at a but enough to sketch a pic of it for the cover. Actually got a decent length post out of it and included some other topics I’ve been thinking about for some time. I want to improve my ability to communicate through art which I consider to be the language of life.

Ah cripes. Checked that group where I saw the post.

New comment added: “Look at her semitic phenotype. More weimar style shenanigans.” Ugh this background boogeyman tendency is so boring. Ah thats what that previous comment about Saturday tribe and they not just being a scapegoat was about, wondered how that had anything to do with comedians or women…Why not just say what you mean.

World would be better if peeps just said what they meant but then they’d be asked why they mean that and often they dont quite know, they just feel it


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