Young Moms Happier Than Single 30 yr olds | Muh Homogenous High IQ Population

Overpopulation on a global scale fears are being replaced with those of underpopulation in a group one. There is state support and concern for encouraging a certain level of population, like any good farmer would of their livestock. Please watch at least the first 3:45 of this Op Ed, focus piece, whatever these things are called… before continuing to read.



No lady. Is not a problem because they can’t join the formal economy. I D G A F about the cost to the state. I get that is your stated reasons for what you are doing but cripes almighty

That girl just smiling and going through her life but then here you have this other take on what its about.

What’s with all these Chinese garter players?

I am against the state and theologies not because I dont care about people, but it’s because I know there are better ways to do things. The State and theologies constantly fail at the things people rely on them to do.

They are not moral.

They are not educators.

They are antique forms of social control that should and can be replaced.

I try not to maintain undue bias towards sources. Thats what led me to begin watching Al Jazeera years ago. they do have some decent content. This piece was informative and still uncomfortable. But i am aware it is a state funded organization.

That will inform some of the conclusions made and possibly the chance of a predominantly christian country receiving this focus rather than what is going on in predominantly muslim countries. That could also be due to safety fo filming in certain areas. Or again the precedent set by the perfect human supposedly marrying a 6 year old.

Because that’s half of 12.


May have been common in the bronze age villages. May still be common in many places in current year. But most of you reading this will agree that you are glad to live in a society where we aren’t having 12 year olds let alone 6 year olds getting married off and impregnated on a regular bases

So i get the angle of let’s have more state involvement as a solution, because state involvement is large part of the reason the program even exists.

What laws will actually be used to reduce this? If you have abortion illegal even in cases of rape, then you have a 12 year old sage of consent where most countries would consider that statutory rape. Why not encourage homosexuality?

Well I have mentioned how asians are socio political ninjas. Been told how IQ gap shows the differences in folks. For sure there are ethnic difference between just the Chinese people let alone the differences between your average Japanese vs Philippine.

But once again the claim of some nationalists that a state mandated and enforced, white nation with more christianity in their upbringing would be key to preventing the slow white genocide of not reproducing enough new white babies is called into question here. I do not think this is what you want. if it is screw you.

But you do see some alternative narratives in the west. Lauding single motherhood. Lauding the women who are proud to not need no man and be freed form the drudgery and oppression of just being a baby maker.

…Why are so many of the girls in that documentary smiling? Is that unnerving to any of you? Do you feel they may be pitting on a show for the camera?

Unlike this entirely genuine smile below.

Bet she’s been educated and part of the formal economy. No loss to the state she is a part of. Good contributing tax payer even though women in general receive more in services than they are taxed…

video of the post

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