3 Questions About Our Relationships We Don’t Ask But Should

Here are 3 questions to ask different people in your life. Most wont ask them, but knowing the answers will make for better relationships.

Question #1 : If you find out a colleague that you’ve invited over for diner parties with their partner was cheating, what would you do?

Question #2 : Should it be immoral for people to sign non disclosure agreements and/or settle out of court in situations that enable predatory crimes to continue?

Question #3: If an immediate family member confided to you that they had ben assaulted by someone in the extended family how would your immediate family address this?

Do you think these are worthwhile questions? Are you confident in how the people in your life would answer them? At the very least had you thought of topics or issues similar to those in these questions to the point you knew your own answer?

It’s possible that I am misguided in thinking that most of these relations, platonic, social and familial are not based on a shared understanding of the answers to questions like these. Maybe my personal relations and the ones ive observed are different than most. I think being in agreement with the answers of these questions would make for better relationships.

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