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Who is actually native to anywhere? Political tentions in the USA are not new. Immigration is currently one of the main hot button issues. how can you want to build a wall and be so anti immigrant when you are all immigrants, many who claim to be pro immigrant say.

They also say that imigrants are as american as anyone else since no matter how they initially moved to the country, or how much they want to hold onto the customs and identity of the countries they left.

So are WYPIPO actually immigrants and not of the USA because of colonialism and European customs but somehow illegal migrants who still proudly wave the flags of the countries they come from and little to no attempt to learn local language and otherwise integrate are actually Americans?

Even discounting the very interesting things I’m learning from America Before by Graham Hancock about how the American continents may have been populated thousands of years before previously thought of, there is one group that claims to haev a higher claim to the land than all others.

Native americans or Indians. However you want to call them or they want identify as.

I have a question about their go back to Europe claim. Who else should go?

Who is native to a country?
A: Borders are imaginary so dont matter!
B: Only people that have ancestors that were there at founding.
C: Any answer you give is racist. So is asking the question you racist!
D: Native doesn’t matter for countries, legal citizenship does.
E: _____________

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