Climate Change is Just The Noah Great Flood Reboot | Mememagic

Ah religions.

Faith and Feels are interchangeable in how useful they are to consistently find truth.

In that neither are.

Same nonsensical fear, different religions.

Flood myths are common across cultures. It makes sense. Humans lived by water for many positive reasons. Travel, fishing, minerals, irrigation.

Those bodies of water also occasionally flooded killing many and in cases wiping out entire communities.

There is technically more ‘evidence’ provided for the future claims of the catastrophic effects of climate change than there are for the great flood as told by all the popularly accepted versions of the Christian bible (of which there are over 200 by some counts.) One is more on the political right the other on the left.

Was at a diner once with someoen that wsstudying at the vatican when the Indonesian tsunami of 2004 came up. They casually asserted that this was not too much of a surprise since it was the most populous muslim country in the world.

I was le shocked for a quick second but after some though, why wouldn’t a believer in a global flood drowning every single non approved human and animal find a relatively lil tsunami resulting in a comparatively paltry 200,000 deaths to be improbable let alone unbecoming.

In actuality they would feel this is well justified by their faith.

Both ‘faith’ and ‘feels’ are religious claims. They are central to the dogmatic views that hold human beings to be inherently evil. And the believer of either prescribes to others that we all shall suffer unless humanity curtail many of their basic thoughts and actions and acquiesce to the knowledge and judgment of higher power(s).

Miss me with that reality muddling poison and I shall not support those of you that hold faith or feels as consistent pathways to identifying and describing reality and mock others for making truth claims based on the other.

I wouldn’t say you are on the same boat, but if humanity is in general sailing on the ocean of information trying to find the various ports and landings of reality, yinz are like pirates on the ships of Blind Faith and Feels Good that just boarded our good and trusty ship Scientific Method from the port and starboard sides and are currently just battling each other for who will be able to loot, pillage and waylay all the gains and progress that has painstakingly been made.

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Have posted a similar image before but this still fascinates me! That’s the earths salt water and fresh water represented by the two blue orbs.

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