The Art of Individuals and Lulz of Collectivists

Check this fantastic sculpture out


Look at it again. Study it. Try and think about it. Try and identify the feelings you may be feeling as you look at it. Do you get a certain understanding of the process to create this and the thousands of hours developing the ability to create this?

Does looking at it make your day better

Now check this exchange

You see what I saw? Not the Rollo Tomassi and Ian Thorne comments misattributing the sculpture to their preconceived notions of who can do what. I mean the last one by Platonic Solid Snake.

You may have missed it, but i’m here to save you from your internalized blindness to the background radiation bigotry we all currently live in. Why are they assuming the artists gender and that one of Chinese ethnicity cannot be Western. It’s current year. Such sexism and xenophobia should not be encouraged.

This is why so many WYPIPO all over the world are saying WYPIPO are under threat and being outbred in their own WYPIPO countries. Everyone is immigrants anyway unless you are a native indigenous person… but anyway you don’t even have to integrate but its not like people can’t learn languages and ways of the place and become of that place!

Just being born somewhere doesn’t define who and what you are!

No such thing as European or (United States of) American. Those social constructs of western structural constructs have divided us too long. You can totes go anywhere and be anything. The artist for all we know could identify as a western male sculptor.

How dare you assume otherwise due to how someone presents themselves! Check your visual privilege!!!

Joke aside fantastic art. Shall get back to that below but first the exchange about the art.

The collectivism what is behind someone who may have never sculpted a single thing being able to see that incredible depiction of a female body and think if it was made by someone who shares features of some in-group one considers themselves a part of being able to feel specific pride in it’s creation is so eww to me.

I can’t be more technical. Eww is what fits. Even trying to be more technical about it makes me feel ew.

If you didn’t play a part in making it why you feeling boosted more than just as a human who gets to witness it? You have never me the artist. Hell you may be sitting across from them as you post you tweet your tweets and not even know it’s them.

How is it you can feel like it’s somehow indicative of you?

The artist is the one pictured.

Searched online for more info, and it’s amazeballs. She (for I haven’t seen her claim to identify otherwise) is Luo Li Rong. Yes she is Chinese in origin but she moved to France in 2005 and shortly after moved to Belgium with her husband and opened a gallery/studio there that she primarily works from.

Puts my attempts at sculpting to shame but in an inspirational time to get back to it sort of way, not the jebus cripes I should chop my hands off for they’ll never mold a thing worthwhile sort of way.

So did you expect her to speak Mandarin after you saw her picture? Did my indicating she moved to France make you expect French or did you think of how international Paris is and assume she may just speak english. When I added moved and settled in Belgium did you think there may actually be a language like Belgish rather than know French is the one of the 3 official languages of the country, German and Dutch being the others?

Does any of this even matter?

the actual image that Ivan up there thought was so boost my western male pride is nto even the sort of work Luo focuses on. It could just be part of the process of creating an eventual bronze sculpture.

Would they be more comfortable with a works where Luo only sculpts people that look like her?

Would Platonic snake claim that Luo cannot actually be influenced by western culture and benefit from living in one in ways that enriched her artistic abilities?

Questions to ask, but few answers given. I’ll leave you with this observation I have come to think is truer by the day.

Art is the language of life.

video of the post

Topical as it involves art and presumably asian females arting it up in the west.

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