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New series of posts of quick snippets not worth an individual rant.



Misogynoir is a thing I am aware of now. Thank you speaker Nancy Pelosi for having a daughter who chose to nepotism her way into following you into the murky politics world added to the female in group preference doubled up with thick as thievery activities of being in that California political machine enough to think to post this.

Thank you Kamala Harris for running the sort of technicolor coat modelling for the fawning media, pot smoking father shaming story, Grandpa Biden calling out over bussing campaign despite (I know this isn’t an argument) being one of the whitest looking black ladies i’ve ever seen campaign.

Thank you Jack for sticking it through and making twitter what it is where these glass ceiling breaking women can come together and inform me of the word misogynoir.

I now have misogynoir as something in my lexicon.

And so do you.

It’s a good day.



Most would say this is mean and horrendous. But I ask again, why should this rando matter as an accurate or meaningful rep of who Lizzo is to herself or anyone else? For what Ive seen she is proud about her size.

Should this comment matter? When people call her a body positivity goddess for posting nude photos to social media do they really mean she is some supernatural being, or is it more likely that goddess just means whatever to whomever now? I think many have to make it matter if just to preserve the meaningfulness of the equally subjective and flattering comments referring to her as phat.

I encourage individualism and the self worth that comes from that rather than relying on collective approval from the unknown masses.

some people need punted

This post made my dialect go all pissed Ohio-Valleyan.

with that name I’m thinking could be a troll but more than a few people really think this tripe.

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