Water From Solar | Move to Where Fish is Delivered

An article from Interesting Engineering “The NGO GivePower created and installed the Solar Water Farm, bringing potable water to Kiunga’s residents.”

Saw this comment and thought I should answer :

Wouldn’t it be more sustainable to relocate them all to cities so they could have reasonable living and Home Depot? I mean I get that their ancestors lived there for eons, but does it make sense to live so far from water that you need to engineer an entire system to produce it for you? Migrate already.

There we have it. Seem sensible to you? Well here is what I responded with.

Hah do you know how many people live far from the sources of sustenance they need? Shut down the food trucks, planes and trains into any major city for about a week and see how they fare. Great thing about humans is we can alter nature to live in harsh environments. Why doesn’t everyone int eh USA just move to the south and not have to deal with winter? Why didn’t New Orleans relocate after Katrina’s flooding? I remember some reports saying ti would have been cheaper.

Thats a key here though. The cost. In Kenya there are about 300 days of sun. maybe more in that region. So solar may be more practical. Especially since there is not already built grid. That also applies to cities. Move them to one thats already underserved and that brings issues of its own.

As mentioned by others here I hope this isn’t one of the something is given then can’t be maintained type of situation. Dont just give or demand fish, learn and teach how to fish so when access to the water is available the party in need of help can hep themselves or choose other options and the one helping isn’t tied down to indefinite fishing.

That was it but I have more for you dear reader.

In an increasingly globalized world we hear about other people and places that do things that may seem perplexing to us. This often happens due to projections our lived experience and/or situations onto them.

Yeah if you lived in Arizona and were in the middle of an arid area, it may make more sense to move to Phoenix where the costs are pooled and systems built. Not only is Phoenix itself a modern marvel far form actual water and resources that may fall into your why doesn’t the entire population of Phoenix also just move to a location where theres easier access to water.

That isn’t Kenya.

The people themselves are different as well. In the USA folk travel all around the country commonly. Some do not understand the feeling of not wanting to leave their ‘homeland.’ Some don’t feel any city could be home as long as it was in the nation.

There are language differences some folk find hard to grasp. ive seen dialects and accents be quite different tot he point of folk nto understanding each other in the USA but in general it’s english. You can get by at least based on signage and regular communication. Kenya has over 40 tribes and languages. Signage is in English and Swahili. If they’ve ‘lived in such a remote area good chance most of the population know neither of these languages.

I see this inability to empathize between people who live in cities and urban areas. Some folk in so called fly over states int eh USA dont leave their towns or feel any need to. Folk in cities dont get this.

Some in cities meet and befriend people from many countries and cultures ad those in rural areas never meet a non american. No surprise these salt-of-the-earth Americans may suspect the cosmopolitans claim that there are genuine positives of sharing culture.

Especially in its state mandated forced nature.

Anyway, why don’t they just move?

Sometimes they don’t have to, sometimes it’s not as easy. Why dont I just move to Turin Italy and live there? Well what would I do there, how would I make a living? Whats the shelter, can I communicate?

There are practical considerations.

There are some added ones though. The commenter said relocate and later migrate. He brushed off the ‘ancestors living there for aeons’ think because it likely doesn’t apply too much for him. Not just the USA with relatively recent trans-oceanic migrations, even in Europe you look back some generations and chances are your folk migrated form a place that is not the country you are in.

Who would do the relocating? What right would those people have to tell the tribes folk to relocate? What right would they have to tell the people in the city they move them to to accept and accommodate these tribes folk?

Let’s say they wanted to migrate to the country the commentator is from. Why limit their migration to a location close by instead of to his neighborhood?

What state activities are involved in shaping the current state of affairs.

video of the post

I am not a luddite. I have certain objections to the proposals being made about the problems we face. Sure sometimes the simplest thing is the solution. Just walk away or to the solution or go away from the negative one.

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