Single Motherhood in Kenya Rising | Will Kenyan Fathers STEP UP?

Will the REAL Kenyan men please stand up? Has the western based tactic of blaming men for things women can control come to Kenya? Are Kenyan women being victimized by the men who are by nature irresponsible? Why is this even a problem?

I read “More women become single mothers as men abandon family roles” a 2013 article from Kenyan newspaper the Daily Nation

Are Kenyan men to blame?
A: If they claim single motherhood isn’t bad, they should thank men that leave.
B: Both are to blame in equal proportions.
C: More of the #BlameAllMen #AllWomenAreVictims mess
D: No, but society expects men to have more responsibility. They should know better.
E: ____________________

This is a frustrating topic to me. I would like to think folk are truly trying their best to comprehend the same thing that frustrates all. Problem from how we define the agreed problem results in proposing conflicting things based on the different conclusions we came to about it’s causes.


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