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How do our lived experiences shape how we view the world? Some claim that one can be so out of touch they are disqualified to discuss anything about general life. If someone was really that out of touch then you may also be unable to accurately state what they can and cannot do.

So before you wish for something or claim someone cant know about another thing, realize that lightsaber not only cuts all ways, it doesn’t even come with a hilt.

emma watson is not the culprit you are looking for

In her defense thats 2012 to 2014 so 21-23 years of age. Then you count her rather unique and sheltered life. Very confusing for many of us in these times of higher choice in who we partner with among other things. information overload, going cross cultures. Are here other costars, be they male or female, in what you consider stable and “normal” relationships and giving relatable information?

Before it was you get your partner picked for you and/or you had a rather limited group to choose from that all were within a very accepted and rigid set of culture and gender roles and expectations.

Does your average 21 year old have a more realistic POV of life that doesn’t change in the least by the time they are 23?

My main culprit in this is the lack of parental involvement. In large part again by the State coming in and mandating if not outright kidnapping children to give fail forms of socialization and teaching. Also creates a muddled market of ideas where you aren’t getting good signals on what sort of behavior actually is the most succesful.

gervais at the globes

Ricky Gervaise went at some some of his fellow celebrities while hosting the Golden Globes.

People care though. 

I don’t think I know anyone who literally thinks gay jews are trying to destroy the west and prevent the world from embracing the truth of the Christian god through the Hollywood agenda, but those megachurches don’t fill themselves.

Check the reaction peeps on the right had to Clint Eastwood and his empty chair during the 2012 Republican National Convention. Euphoric adulation from some utter mockery from others.

Thing of contemporary celebrities that say things they like, or in general any openly Christian celeb that isn’t on the left. Seeing as most black ones are christian but leftist etc.

Think Kanye West vs Al Sharpton.

Folk care.

It’s not left right but more of a “the message I agree with is reaching more people.” wouldn’t matter as much if folk were more skeptical and cared about truth. But folk understand indoctrination and popularity.

Repeat stuff enough especially from attractive people and it matters.

You care what they care and they care what you care.

A fairly telling ending

Meghan Markle and “her husband” apparently stepped down from senior roles as members of the British royal family.

Got some folk in a huff. This is most likely the longest Daily mail article I have ever come across. I imagine they had this thing teed up for a while even with their tendency to repeat. i think folk saw this coming.

Like they do with obituaries.

Now I am nto commenting on the actual personalities of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, they could be grand, could be detestable. I am focusing on their positions and expectations.

Since my teens I’ve wondered why folk think of a princess wedding. Here is an example of one that literally had one but I think was not quite ready or realistic with what she expected would come with it.

I see royalty, especially in current year, as such a restriction. I may be proven wrong and the Duchess may just want the best of celebrity/private citizen life and royal/public figure pomp, but I imagine there were some honest attempts on both the ‘Ssexies parts (do the Brits call them that? They should if they don’t) to try and conform without any success.

Tried to do the royal thing.

right now I wouldn’t want to even do the little I know of what needs to be done to do that. Literal princess wedding be damned.

But really how much more, more does one get by being a royal of that level vs a celebrity? How much more more does a celebrity give you from being a well off-socialite?

How much more do any of those people really have than your average upper-middle class westerner that’s financially stable?

More or less how much different are these people and how would you fare in their position vs they in yours?

I say they are human. There is no divine right of king. There is no higher morality of celebrity. There is no down to earth wisdom form being relatively plebeian.

There is jsut humans living life and trying to communicate.

Something is what it is no matter what the person who said it is or isn’t.

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