podcasts that I listen to and suggest.

 Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History : The glorious way that Dan Carlin brings history to life… from the Mongols spanning leagues and centuries to the  intrigue of the Spanish-American war, ahh you should like history, and if you do not this could be how you begin. Click the link, visit his site, and enjoy what almost unmade us.

Power Hour with Alex Epstein : Alex Epstein is a philosopher who applies big-picture, humanistic thinking to industrial and environmental controversies. He founded Center for Industrial Progress (CIP), a for-profit think tank and communications consulting firm.

Worlds Largest Online Philosophy Conversation : Contemporary Philosophy by Stefan Molyneux. Touches on a vast range of subjects, provides sources, and invites experts in other fields to share their information. Peaceful Parenting advocate, Has made the best case for following the Non Aggression Principle that I have found and Equal opportunity offender in his continued pursuit of virtue.

The Peter Schiff Podcast : “It doesn’t take long for listeners to figure out that The Peter Schiff Show is not politics as usual. The iconoclastic economist, author, and visionary investor combines his unique outlook on current events, economics, and political developments with humor and practical advice about life and personal finance.” I have learned a lot from listening to Mr. Schiff. I am admittedly not the most knowledgeable on the field of finance but he puts it in a cogent and engaging way.

Contra Krugman : “Contra Krugman is a weekly podcast, available on iTunes and Stitcher, that critiques the New York Times column of economist Paul Krugman. Hosts Bob Murphy and Tom Woods belong to the Austrian School of economics, which includes such luminaries as Ludwig von Mises, Nobel Prize winner F.A. Hayek, and Murray N. Rothbard.”

Informative and often humorous, full of analysis and backed with sources and breakdowns. Give a few a listen and you shall likely be hooked.