Sometimes I think I think too much. Sometimes I think I just think I think too much. Then I think of whether the simple fact that I think about whether I think the reason I think too much, may be because I think I think too much, is thinking too much in and of itself.

Whatever the case I thought it was about time I should share some of my thoughts with the general public. While online, I at times find myself at a loss for something to do. This site will give me the chance of something to do while also providing you something to do. SharAntware, from me to you.

There are other projects I have in the works, and I would appreciate your support of them once i get them up. I will continue to try and keep the site updated, in a timely manner, and will begin to take in guest rAnts.

I do not intend to offend, but through my experience, I will be hardly surprised if some people are not offended by some of the things I say…I will probably rAnt about this subject on more than one occasion.

Don’t forget to tell your friends, as you will be handsomely rewarded by their acknowledgment of your good taste in online reading material.

Here is the e-mail address: send your rAnts here and they may be posted as guest rAnters

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