The Blog has official video channels, Dyingalive. Find it on on YouTube  and VidMe. Shall add other sources when pertinent.

Dyingalive : Some material will posted as blog posts, some older blog posts may be read including  some extra commentary.

Rant. A Tonne playlist on YouTube

tis’ the internet, we have eyes and ears, here are some things to watch and listen to.

Mister Metokur : Formerly the Internet Aristocrat. Has some cutting and hilarious social commentary. His Tumblrisms series is a fascinating look into the culture of feelz and all things hugbox

Karen Straughan aka Girl Writes What : Go to videos, select oldest to newest, pick 5 titles that entice you, dare you to not watch more. Brought new topics to mind, and constantly disproves the addage of a ‘woman’s way of knowing’ by showing that the pursuit of knowledge is not gender specific.

Stefan Molyneux : Have links to Freedomain radio and the podcast on other pages of this site. As some of the presentations have excellently put together graphs, stats and imagery I suggest you check these out. They are also several Playlists of different topics.

Hidden Secrets of Money :  A groundbreaking new docu-series hosted by Mike Maloney. The mission for the series: To enlighten the world that maximum prosperity can only be achieved through individual freedom, free markets, and sound money. Helped me, may help you.

Human Behavioral Biology Lecture Series – Please, please, please make some time and listen to these lectures. Dr. Robert Sapolsky details human behavior in an engaging and entertaining way. This is well worth the time and for anyone with interest in the topic. And as you are likely a human being, you should be one of those. Give the first lecture a listen and see if you can stop at one.

Misesmedia : YouTube channel of the Mises Institute. Providing lectures, analysis, interviews and other information from the perspective of school of Austrian Economics.

The Hoover Institution – Came across this channel through a time when I found Milton Friedman’s videos. Went through As much of his older content as I could find, which introduced me to a young Dr. Thomas Sowell. Who then led me to finding this channel as i searched for more recent material on both these economists, authors and scholars.

Groundwork for the Metaphysics of MGTOW : What are Metaphysics? what are Men Going Their Own Way? What is the? A philosophical take on various issues that are brought up by MGTOW.

StudioBrule –  They have a series by Janice Fiamengo called the Fiamengo File that is quite excellent. Provides complementary and opinion along with sources.

Thinking-Ape – Not quite sure how I stumbled upon the MGTOW (Men going their own way community but this was one of the content creators that challenged my assumptions and frequently opened me up to new vistas of thought.

Spetznaz – If you are male you really should listen to these videos, If you care for any males in your life, listen as well. If you hope to understand males in your life, again, please listen. I doubt it will not inspire some thought.

barbar – Somewhat more contentious  in his material but one of the more prolific and substantial content producers when it comes to the Men Going Their Own Way community. He admittedly was angrier in early days but has well researched and challenging material.

TL;DR – Citation needed is not a demand you will ask from his content. Teal Dear, lulz.

BillWhittleCHannel : Several excellent series on this channel by Bill Whittle a conservative political commentator and American heritage philosopher.