Leicester City F.C. Changes Mascot to Trump


Leicester City Football Club , overcame 5,000-1 odds to win the Barclays Premier League title. In recognition of the unprecedented nature of this feat they have changed the club mascot to the presumptive Republican party presidential nominee and likely future president of the United States, Donald J Trump.

This is fitting move as both were discounted at the outset only to make it through a heavily contested season.

Both did this despite spending a fraction of what some of their opponents did, showing it’s not the quantity of money spent but more of the quality of the use. (Trump / Leicester)

Both won on a point margin before the final day after their closest contender succumbed to an embattled end.

Both are guaranteed to be talked about for years to come.

Both unprecedented.

One most likely will be president.


Leciester City Manager Caludio Ranieri. Good Guy.

Most of the players were at Jamie Vardy’s. Here is the moment exciting and heated Chelsea Tottenham derby ended. The draw put Tottenham out of reach in points giving them the Premiership title.

The super exciting year continues.Trump had 75.7 million in attack ads against him. I think. That he has the nomination is proof that people are tired of the establishment and of business as usual. I look forward to seeing the general public’s reaction to those that try and mend fences in the process of ‘uniting’ under the nominee.

Will this be welcomed or will they be treated as turncoats? I can’t really see Cruz not taking some of this to heart. Video below gives an overview of the days prior to his concession, followed by a color variant of the above crest that you may have thought of.




You’re welcome. #TRUMP2016


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