Will He Unite USA?


It’s not even his job. Whether you believe President Trump is lying when he says the American people are his top priority or, as a friend pointed his priority should be enforcement of the constitution (which does apply to American citizens and legal residents), it should not be an excuse to shirk your own personal responsibility.

The divisions between people were not began by recent political rhetoric but from a lack of discussions about the basic principles we base our political views on. I will borrow and add to the analogy I heard from Bill Whittle during the campaign; Picture the American way, and Greco-Roman Western culture in general, was a person hemorrhaging from a wound. Trumps win would be a tourniquet. He is not going to stop what caused the wound, isn’t the surgeon that will close it nor the cells and antibodies that will fight or heal any infections cause by it. He would just stabilize the patient. It will be up to those that care about the patient to do it.


Just Do It

Shia LaBeouf, was arrested today at his art installation in NYC. Titled “He Will Not Divide Us,” the 4 year installation consists of a camera in a wall where people are encouraged to look into and repeat ‘he will not divide us,’ for as long as they please. I considered it a great idea and example of proactively addressing perceived issues. I shall link to the live-stream at the Trumptrain to MAGAland project a way i have chosen to participate. His arrest saddens me, but not as much as his apparent life. It is damning of how toxic the environment is in the entertainment industry. This should not be the cost for creativity but possibly fitting that the literal stars in our sky are also created in situations that appear destructive.


More than Words

It makes sense that so many that blame Trump for his words occupy themselves with only words. They have some consistency in imagining that just demanding others do something will result in actions. In some cases it is understandable to why they would believe just that. If you are raised in a world where perceived needs are constantly met at times before they are even voiced, you could believe this. It would be as misguided to think it real as an lion in a zoo would be to consider it the Savannah.

The State, is an artificial state of affairs, though.


Power to Empower

I have challenged myself to go beyond just words, into tangible actions. The pen can direct swords but once they are being swung it is of little defense. That’s when you may need to don your armor, pick up a shield arm yourself and defend what you care for. When you do this your words can be far more effective in rousing others to your cause or fending off current an future threats.

Now this should not only apply to the political. It should begin at the personal. In fact it cannot be truly effective in any other sphere of influence until you take on the personal responsibility in your life.

If any of us are to be united it will be due to me and you, not any of them.


  • click for The Shia LeBeouf Motivational Video that inspired the above soon to be on shirts designs.
  • Someone commented that the prospect of watching people repeat the mantra “he will not divide us” may be maddening, i tried watching it on mute with “Ode to Joy” playing. This song is fantabulous…but then i stopped in case i start associating the song with the people I saw 😛 try it with Skrillex
  • cool image and message.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 18.50.21.png


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